International Journal of

Arts , Humanities & Social Science

ISSN 2693-2547 (Print) , ISSN 2693-2555 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijahss


Vol.02 Issue No.05; May 2021
Table of Contents
Creating a Social Architecture: Architects Arakawa and Gins Encounter Social Psychology

Reuben M. Baron

Keywords: Collaboration, Cooperation, Landing sites, Tentativeness, Trust Pages: 01 – 08

The Art of Madness: Cosmic Chaos in the Works of Vincent van Gogh and Robert E. Howard

Ray Sutherland

Keywords: Chaos, Van Gogh, Robert E. Howard, Conan, Suicide, Starry Night Pages: 09 – 11

Presidential Power and Anti-Corruption Discourse in the Post-Soviet Russia

Anna N. Makhova-Gregg

Keywords: Post-Soviet Russia, Anti-Corruption Discourse, Russian Presidency Pages: 12 – 20

Humanitarian HIV interventions in displaced persons’ camps in sub-Saharan African: A Critical Interpretive Synthesis

Jude Wiggins , Dr George Palattiyil

Keywords: HIV; Refugee camps; Displaced persons; Sub-Saharan Africa; Human rights; Health interventions Pages: 21 - 30

Washback of English Language Testing on ELL Teaching and Learning: A Literature Review

Ling Wang

Keywords: Washback, Testing, ELL, Teaching, Learning Pages: 31 – 44

What Cultural Values Helped Chinese to Combat the COVID-19 Epidemic?

Keqian Xu

Keywords: Chinese culture; Values; World Value Survey; COVID-19; Security; Freedom; Social governance Pages: 45 – 53

A Scribe of the 14th century between Tradition and Innovation. Some considerations on the Codex B.R. 226 (Florence, BNCF)

Laura Gherardini

Keywords: Courtly Romance, Middle High German Literature, Hartmann von Aue, Gottfried von Straßburg, Iwein, Tristan, Bohemia Pages: 54 – 60

Human Resource Issues in Public Administration: Workplace Harassment and Discrimination (On the example of civil servants)

Prof. Dr. Tsetsegmaa Tsogbadrakh , Ariunbileg Sodnomdorj

Keywords: Workplace Harassment, Discrimination, Physical Disability, Psychological Pressure Pages: 61 - 74