International Journal of

Arts , Humanities & Social Science

ISSN 2693-2547 (Print) , ISSN 2693-2555 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijahss


Vol.03 Issue No.05; May 2022
Table of Contents
Georgia Prehistory: Indigenous People and How their Claims were Extinguished

Richard Hogan

Keywords: Georgia, History, Geography, Ecology, Map Pages: 01 – 12

Science and the Swinomish: Teachers’ Responses to Professional Development Created by Principals with the Support of Cross-District, Tribal, and University Partners

Beth Clothier, Tim Bruce, Donald Larsen

Keywords: Tribal mentoring, Tribal history, science, environment, inter-district collaboration, professional development, teachers Pages: 13 – 18

Science and the Swinomish: Principals’ Role in the Creation of Professional Development for K-12 Teachers with Support from Cross-District, Tribal, and University Partners

Tim Bruce

Keywords: Tribal mentoring, Tribal history, science, environment, inter-district collaboration, professional development, principals, teacher evaluation Pages: 19 – 25

Using Data Teaming and Differentiated Instructional Planning to Address the Learning Support Needs of Academically At-Risk Students in an Urban Elementary School: A Design Research Case Study

Joseph G. Claudet

Keywords: Educational Design Research Methodology; Data Teaming; Differentiated Instructional Planning; Professional Learning Interventions Pages: 26 - 44

A study of speech style: Japan’s Princess Aiko’s first press conference

Shoji Azuma

Keywords: Emotion, Frame, Gratitude, Greeting, Japan, Princess Pages: 45 - 52

The Impact of Systemic Factors on Mid-Level Women Leadership Advancement in Higher Education Administration through the Lens of Degendering Organizational Resilience Model

Ariel Taylor, Felix A. Okojie

Keywords: Systemic Factors, Leadership Advancement, Degendering Organizational Resilience, Higher Education Pages: 53 - 69

Habermas's Critical Hermeneutics on Hate Speech Language of Identity Politics in Facebook of Indonesia

Fabianus Fensi, Alo Liliweri, Mirza Ronda

Keywords: Afirmation, Collective Ideologi, Critical Hermeneutics, Distortion, Exclusive, Stigma Pages: 70 - 78

Global-competence-oriented College Foreign Language Teaching System

ZHOU Shuang

Keywords: Global Competence, Course Group, Teaching Model, Evaluation Mode Pages: 79 - 83

Burmese Buddhism, Polity and underlying Ecology

Michael Madha

Keywords: History, Materialist, Ideology, Society and Civilisation, Burma Pages: 84 - 92

Review of the monograph- Gerhard Oberhammer: Indologist and Philosopher- Part II

Roman Liliya G., Putyagina Valentina N.

Keywords: Transcendental hermeneutics, G. Oberhammer, Visistadvaita Vedanta, Ramanuja, Advaita Vedanta, philosophy of religion Pages: 93 - 95