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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
Pandemic and Classroom Change: The view from within


Most educators will tell you that some degree of change naturally accompanies education whether the change is preparing for a new textbook or changing grade levels.  This type of pandemic change was a sudden and final change.  It was the abrupt ending of a school year months too soon which was a different level of change for educators.  Ebbeck and Chan (2011, as cited in Ebbeck & Waniganayake, 2003) wrote, “Change is an ever-present entity and necessity for growth and to meet existing and future demands” (p. 43). The futility of school change is legendary; it is an enormous and intricate task (Evans, 2001). In order to grow and develop, the positive forces must be used to our advantage and the negative forces must be blunted (Fullan, 1993). Educational change happens in small amounts at times and in very large waves at other times. The amount of change thrust upon education from the pandemic was an avalanche.