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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
The Correlation between Coaches’ Leadership Styles, Players Satisfaction and Players Performance: In Case Of Some Selected Addis Ababa Youth Football Projects


This study is conducted with ultimate objective of identify and evaluate the relationship between leadership style of the coaches, player satisfaction and players performance with the case of Addis Ababa youth football projects. Four sample youth projects were selected, from ten youth football projects using cluster sampling technique. Thus, the subjects in the study were 60 randomly selected football players from the four clubs and four purposively selected coaches. The data was collected through questionnaire. Descriptive (frequency distribution and percentage, mean) method of data analysis has been utilized to analyze the data for questioners. A descriptive survey research design was employed as a general approach in the study. The finding of this study is indicating that coaching leadership styles have a direct relationship with players’ satisfaction and players’ performance. And there are challenges to use fixed leadership style that can best suit with players’ satisfaction. Not all but also majority of the players prefer training and instruction and democratic leadership style for their development of performance. As a general solution to the identified problems coaches’ should understand that every individual player is coming from different culture, expectations, background and with different interest , so the coach should accommodate the background of the trainees’. Therefore, coaching is a multicultural aspect to treat an individual based on their background.