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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
An ongoing process? Greek Legislation and Regulatory Framework in Civil Protection: A comparative analysis of pre and post the 4662/2020 Law



The aim of this article is to examine and analyze modifications and changes in the regulatory framework (Law Changes) regarding Civil Protection in Greece, the way these changes are triggered and the time gap between each of those changes. Greece, over the years, has seen many changes in its Civil Protection legislation, each of them being triggered in different time periods and for different reasons. It is important to compare these changes with the previous Laws that were implemented, to check the responsiveness to emerging needs, as well as to focus on points that are important to be clearly outlined or are maybe in need of revision. The reasons that trigger a change in the regulatory framework can vary and are usually a result of the political situation of the country, the scientific and technological advancements, the responses of country mechanisms as well as the consequences of large scale disasters, the green policies initiatives and the European Guidelines.