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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
Proposal for effective and equitable educational recovery from the COVID-19 situation in Thailand


The situation of the COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand since the end of 2019 - 2021) has had a wide impact on education management. Impact on the overall education system at all levels in various dimensions. Some students will be able to access learning resources while schools are closed with strong support from family, parents and teachers. But there are many students who do not have access to learning. Especially the poor marginalized students. And other special needs groups.

Effective and equitable educational recovery with Thailand's learning management under the COVID-19 crisis is a policy of the Ministry of Education to be used as a guideline for learning management for Thai children in the situation of COVID-19. In 4 sectors, namely 1) the announcement of the postponement of the opening of the semester 2) Building cooperation between stakeholders 3) Teacher competency development training 4) Open an online learning area.

An effective and equitable approach to educational recovery from the COVID-19 situation is therefore not only an action after the COVID-19 situation has passed. But will need to be studied and developed and continue to operate throughout the period both in the situation and after the outbreak continues.