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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
Review of the monograph- Gerhard Oberhammer: Indologist and Philosopher- Part II


This paper is a review of the second part of the collective monograph "Gerhard Oberhammer: Indologist and Philosopher". The monograph is a reflection of the scientific work of the Austrian philosopher, Indologist and Sanskrit scholar, who plays an important role both in the philosophy of religion in general and in the Indology especially within the tradition of Vedanta studies. In the monograph all the most important concepts of G. Oberhammer’s philosophy described, such as the Encounter, the Transcendent (Heil), Mythization, etc., as well as the project of transcendental hermeneutics, which is the core of the scientist's thought coverage, is illustrated. The review contains an overview of the main articles presented in the monograph, where a part is devoted to the study of the philosophical thought of G. Oberhammer, part is the translation into Russian of the papers of the Austrian Indologist, and part is the development of the formation of the school of G. Oberhammer, presented in the form of scientific work of one of the most outstanding Polish scientist Galina Marlevich.