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Love, Honor and Race in Don Alvaro or the Force of Fate by Duque De Rivas


This article aims to analyze the themes of love, honor and race in the Spanish romantic drama Don Alvaro o la fuerza del sino (Don Alvaro or The Force of Fate) written by Duque de Rivas in 1835. First, a general overview on historical and philosophical background of Europe is provided to help the understanding of the arrival of the Romantic Movement in Spain and the main aspects thereof. Then, a brief information is given about the author and finally, the work is analyzed on the basis of the three abovementioned themes and the results are specified. The analysis is based on the main characteristics of the Romantic Movement and its reflections on the Spanish society as well as on human relations. The text is woven through the love story of the main character, which is a romantic hero trying to integrate into the Spanish society with his unknown origins. The drama is considered as the triumph of romanticism in Spain and is significant in terms of providing insights into the 19th century Spanish society.