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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
A Comparative Analysis Of ‘The Snow Child’ By Angela Carter And ‘Yedi Cucesi Olmayan Bir Pamuk Prenses’(‘A Snow White Without Seven Dwarfs’) By Murathan Mungan


The aim of the present study is to make a comparative analysis of the transformation of the fairy tales in the stories of one English and one Turkish writer -Angela Carter and Murathan Mungan. The study restricts itself to one story by each writer: ‘The Snow Child’ by Angela Carter and ‘Yedi Cucesi Olmayan Bir Pamuk Prenses’ (‘A Snow White Without Seven Dwarfs’) by Murathan Mungan as the parodies of ‘The Snow White with Seven Dwarfs’. Both writers deconstruct the Grimm Tale to challenge the imposed patriarchal ideologies and gender roles, especially the women’s socially approved behaviour patterns in the patriarchal system and intentionally subvert them and their representations in their works using the same postmodern frame-breaking devices - parody, pastiche and intertextuality. Both aim to offer their readers insight on the archetypes and stereotypes of women and force them to confront the women’s entrapment within the male world regardless of geography. While undermining the familiar narrative, Carter prefers blurring the boundaries of the fairy tale genre with her use of fantasy, Gothic, pornography and folklore. She explores and problematizes the unquestionable topics such as female sexuality, violence against women. Mungan, on the other hand, inverts the perception and the representation of women rewarded for virtue and conformity to the patriarchal ideology. He critiques the negative sides of the present socio-cultural issues in a mocking way and promotes women to possess both feminine and masculine qualities and reclaim control over their social stance.