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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
Analysis of Types and Incidents of Neighborhood Business Crimes in the United States of America


Unfortunately, traditional crimes business victims in the United States of America do not have immediate legislative protection to prevent future occurrences. For example, assault weapons (AR-15 & AK-47), Forgery, Theft and Weapon Abuses remains in the business neighborhood of American cities, despite hundreds of assault gun victims in the societies. These business victims often have more moments and memories and have a sad experience than State and Federal Legislature pouring “Thoughts and Prayers” as condolences to the business victims and owners(Entrepreneurs). These lack of Legislatives empathy will never stop the thefts, forgery and even killings in business neighborhood.

Therefore, business crimes and incidents needs constant promotion of awareness that my result to network of solutions to the business crimes vocabularies; actions and criminal justice administrative remedies together with the existing laws. The information presented in this article with the suggested model was obtained from personal observations, interviewing entrepreneurs and business owners of business crimes victims. What they felt, for the purpose of formulating important strategies to reduce business crimes in American business neighborhood form the basis of this analysis. This process my successfully balance criminal justice professional actions with existing pending legislation and the aggressively in prosecuting business crime offender (White, & Hertz, 2018).

 Therefore, the full analysis of the study, is to identify, analyzed and contrast the types of business crimes among within selected American business neighborhood (Malls and Shopping Centers), located in central Alabama. An analysis will statistically utilize the value of .05 level of significance if applicable for each of the issues with the business crime and incidents. Finally, the information and data analysis found that, relationships may exist between business crimes, incidents, business distress and bankruptcy. Contrary to neighborhood free from business crimes offenders and Shopping Malls securities infrastructures.