International Journal of

Arts , Humanities & Social Science

ISSN 2693-2547 (Print) , ISSN 2693-2555 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
From Vilification to Celebration: Arab American Comedians and Their Alternative Representations of Arabs and Muslims in Hollywood


This article explores how Arab American comedians use humor and satire to challenge and subvert Hollywood’s negative stereotypes and portrayals of Arabs and Muslims. Drawing on the theory of Jack Shaheen, who analyzed and contested Arab and Muslim stereotypes in American media, the article uses qualitative content analysis to examine stand-up shows, films, and television series featuring Arab American comedians and other ethnic comedians in Hollywood. The article identifies common misconceptions and stereotypes, examines the techniques of humor and satire, and compares the impact of Arab American comedy with that of other ethnic comedies. The article argues that Arab American comedians successfully challenge Hollywood’s stereotypes and create alternative representations that celebrate their identity, culture, and diversity. The article contributes to existing literature on humor, satire, representation, stereotyping, resistance, empowerment, identity, culture, diversity, Arab Americans, Muslims, Hollywood, and the media.