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The Carbon Leviathan as Trojan Horse for Technocracy


Carbon dioxide is the most ubiquitous chemical constituent of life on Earth, and Earth is the only known planet on which life is present. Increases in atmospheric CO2 since 1870 are said to be associated with coal, oil and gas extraction and burning to have enhanced a natural cyclical warming trend which began in 1875: 1875 which was the coldest year in more than 2000 years, and marked the end of the Little Ice Age which began in 1250, and which is testified to in historic narrative weather records in Europe and China, and by modern studies of tree rings, ice core and other physical data (Thompson, Mosley-Thompson et al 1986). The coldest century in that era was the seventeenth. Historic records show a major die-off of the human population occurred in that century, provoked by large scale famines and wars.  Numerous violent conflicts emerged in Europe and Asia, including the European Thirty Years War and the English Civil War, and a huge multi-decadal conflict that led to the collapse of the Ming Dynasty in China (Parker 2013).