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ISSN 2693-2547 (Print) , ISSN 2693-2555 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
Research on the Preference of Mobile Phone Photography in Leisure Life


The way of communication and thinking are reconstructed by mobile phone photography. Due to the advancement of technology and economy, mobile phone chips have become advanced and the quality of photography has improved.  In addition to the communication function, the camera function of smartphones is more valued by consumers and mobile phone manufacturers. Apps with built-in cameras, photo editing and social websites are constantly being upgraded., and mobile phone photography and social media has been combined. The influence and interaction of digital images in social leisure makes mobile phone photography play an important role in people's communication on social websites. This research mainly analyzed the preferences of mobile phone photography in leisure, and the Evaluation Grid Method (EGM) of Miryoku Engineering was applied to extract the attractive attributes of mobile phone photography. William DuMouchel continuous Kano model was applied to summarize the evaluation factors of young users on the quality of mobile phone photography. SPSS.17 statistical software was applied for reliability analysis, and IPA satisfaction was applied as the weighted factor evaluation. Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) was applied to evaluate preference factors. The purpose of this research is to analyze the preferences of mobile phone photography in leisure life through these research methods, and also to provide a reference for the future promotion of mobile phone photography.