International Journal of

Arts , Humanities & Social Science

ISSN 2693-2547 (Print) , ISSN 2693-2555 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijahss


Vol.02 Issue No.06; June 2021
Table of Contents
“Scholarly Works on Holocaust and Genocide Narratives: The Potential for a New Educational Model in University Studies Post World War II”

Professor Murray Henner

Keywords: Holocaust, Anti-Semitism, Nazi philosophy, Functionalist, Bureaucratic, Jews Pages: 01 – 10

La representacion de la violacion en La muerte y la doncella, subjetividad de la mujer, resistencia y memoria, la necesidad de hacer hablar al victimario y a la victima.

Himanshi Arora

Keywords: Violacion, Subjetividad, Visible el horror, Politica porque Pages: 11 – 16

Stories Lived, Stories Told: The Significance of Survivor Stories in our Populist World

Karin Mika

Keywords: World War II, The war, Generation, Humankind, Holocaust Pages: 17 – 40

Wenceslaus II Premyslid (1271-1305): A young King and amateur Poet at the end of the 13th century

Laura Gherardini

Keywords: Middle High German Literature, Minnesang, lyric poetry, Wenceslaus II Premyslid, Bohemia, 13th century Pages: 41 – 48

Prime Minister Suga, Gender Equality and Rapport Speech: A Study of Speech Style

Shoji Azuma

Keywords: Emotion, Gender, Rapport, Speech style, Japan Pages: 49 – 55

Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups in Albania

Dr. Elda Gjergji

Keywords: Human rights, Vulnerable Groups, Social Policies, Social Protection Pages: 56 - 59

The Narrative of Chaos in Post Independence: African Literature Representations of Development Related Issues in Adichies Short Stories and Noo Saro Wiwas Looking for Transwonderland Travels

ALOU Yacoubou

Keywords: African literature, Postcolonialism, Immigration narratives, Development, Adichie, Noo Saro Wiwa Pages: 60 – 69

“Turba grauis paci placidaeque inimica quieti”: on delatores and spying (and on code of silence) in the Latin poetry of imperial period

Arianna Sacerdoti

Keywords: Art of spying, Diffamation, Deprecable chains, Corruption, Rhymes Pages: 70 - 72


Preetika Sihag

Keywords: Gender, Socio-cultural context, Gender Equality, Gender mainstreaming, Gender disparity Pages: 73 - 84