International Journal of

Arts , Humanities & Social Science

ISSN 2693-2547 (Print) , ISSN 2693-2555 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijahss


Vol.03 Issue No.03; March 2022
Table of Contents
Free Market and Pope Francis

Dr. Lawrence J. Gomes

Keywords: Pope Francis, Free market, Environment, Vaccines, Modern economics Pages: 01 - 09

Legitimation Crisis: What We Learned from the U.S. College Football Playoff Controversy (2003-2014)

Stan C. Weeber

Keywords: Legitimation Crisis, Capitalism, Corporate Interests, Football, Playoff Pages: 10 - 20

Exploring the Influence of Community and School Climates on Suicide Attempts among LGB-Q 9th to 12th Grade Students

Jedediah E. Bragg, Eden D.E. Nay, Julie Miller-Cribbs, Daniel Howell, Chan M. Hellman

Keywords: Community Climate, School Climate, Suicide, Sexual Minorities, Students Pages: 21 - 30


Nur Emine Koc

Keywords: Digitalization, Digital Culture, Digitilized Languages and Transformation Process Pages: 31 - 36

“The importance of scaffolding in CLIL in Spain”

Antonio Daniel Juan Rubio, Isabel María García Conesa

Keywords: CLIL, input techniques, output techniques, scaffolding, teacher’s strategies Pages: 37 - 46

The Reception of Ancient Drama Values by the modern audience: “Seven against Thebes’’- Audience Research

Theodore Grammatas

Keywords: Ancient Drama, Play, Theatrical Performance, Methodological Pages: 47 - 52

A Study on the Relationship between the Principals' Change Leadership and Construction of Teachers' Professional Capital

Kuang-Chung Wang, Wei-Yang Huang, Cheng-En Wu

Keywords: Principals' Change Leadership, Teachers' Professional Capital, Human Capital, Social Capital, Decisional Capital, Information Capital, Teachers’ Professional Community Pages: 53 - 63

Vote -buying, Voting Behavior and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria

Osimen Goddy Uwa, Iloh Charles Emeka

Keywords: Election, Vote -buying, Voting Behavior, democratic consolidation, Nigeria Pages: 64 - 75

Student Veterans' Willingness to Use Telehealth for Mental Health Services

Sara Winter, Vyacheslav Davydov, Midhath Habeeb , Jiawen Huang , Meena Kovoor

Keywords: Mental Health, Antibiotic, Illnesses, Healthcare, Telemedicine Pages: 76 - 84