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Vol.04 Issue No.05; May 2023
Table of Contents
Judicial Decision-Making In Inmate Litigation: Influence And Effectiveness Of Interest Groups As Amici Curiae

James Mack Arthur Pitts

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The Term “Art” As a New Aesthetic Discourse in European and Georgian Philosophical Thinking of the Early 19th Century

Tamar Vepkhvadze

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Memoirs of a Commissioner: Experiences and Suggestions for Police Reform

James Mack Arthur Pitts

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Morphological Analysis of "The Flag of Albania" in the Context of Linguistics Development of Nineteenth-Century. The Case of Pronouns

Ardian Lami

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The Correlation Between Resilience And The Level Of Distress, Rumination, And Sleep Disturbances Of Post-Breakup University Students

Tong Thi Khanh Minh, Nguyen Vu Thanh Truc, Tran Thien Hoan My, Nguyen Thi Loan

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