International Journal of

Arts , Humanities & Social Science

ISSN 2693-2547 (Print) , ISSN 2693-2555 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijahss


Vol.01 Issue No.04; September 2020
Table of Contents
Indigenous Elder William Commanda and the Circle of All Nations Discourse

Romola V. Thumbadoo, D. R. Fraser Taylor

Keywords: Indigenous, Circle of All Nations, Wampum, Semiotics, Motion, Earth, Social media, Cybernetics, Cybercartography Pages: 01 - 17

Current Trends in Modern Day Literature

Parin Somani

Keywords: Literature, English, Internet, Social media, E-books Pages: 18 - 28

Emotional Reactions to some Illusions in Show Magic: An Exploratory Study

Pascal Morchain, Clémentine Tranchet

Keywords: Emotions, Show magic, Illusions, Social psychology Pages: 29 - 42

Does the DNA Make the Human Person Unique?

Lontum V. Charles

Keywords: DNA, Genome, Human Distinctiveness, Genes, Chromosome Pages: 43 - 52

Responsible heterogeneity and intercultural tensions: the example of the building sector


Keywords: Building, Trades culture, Interculturalism, Habitus, Hybridization, SMEs. Pages: 53 - 65

Diversity in a Twenty-First Century: College Classroom and Engaging Pedagogy

Brenda Henry-Offor

Keywords: Renaissance period, Self-explanatory, Assigned materials, Customs Enforcement Pages: 66 – 74

Mozambique Representative Democracy’s Pathologies: An Examination of Two Causinging Factors

Savio J. R. Malope

Keywords: Democracy, Development, Colonialism, Politics. Pages: 75 - 82

History and architectural character of the Railway stations in the region of Florina/Greece

Voskopoulou Chrysoula

Keywords: Railway station, Architecture, History, Transport, Florina Pages: 83 - 88

A Study of The Use of Social Media by Four Ghanaian Premier Football Clubs

Dennis Sarkodie Owusu, Justice Boffah Pokumensah

Keywords: Social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Football clubs Pages: 89 - 99


George Padilla, Ph.D.

Keywords: Wizard of Oz , Leadership, Courage, Heart, Brain, Inspiration Pages: 100 - 106

Understanding the Basis of West Cameroon Police Service and Public Relations, 1961-1972

Richard Tanto Talla, Julius Nkeh

Keywords: German Colonial Constitution, Colonial Troops, Missionaries, Expulsion Pages: 107 - 117

Students as First Responders: Training Tomorrow’s citizens

Tom Koch

Keywords: Citizen responders, Disaster medicine, First responders Pages: 118 - 121

Securitization of Migration in Hungary and the Case of Endless State of Crisis Due to Mass Migration

Krisztina Juhász

Keywords: Migration, Securitization, Hungary, State of exception, State of crisis due to mass migration, Crisis Pages: 122 - 139

The Total House During & After Coronavirus: a Virtual Place & More

Anna Rita Emili

Keywords: Virtual place, Social distancing, Future house, Total space, Virtual dimension Pages: 140 - 154

Voice-Tracking in Criminal Investigation

Curtotti Donatella, Wanda Nocerino

Keywords: Police investigation, Preventive investigation, Voice print, Standard operative procedures Pages: 155 - 158