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DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
The rise and downs of contemporary Afghan painting over the last hundred years



The present study focuses on the rise and downs of contemporary Afghan painting in the last hundred years, which has been organized with a descriptive-analytical approach with a qualitative approach. The purpose of this article is to explain and recognize contemporary Afghan painting and to seek answers to these questions: What is the relationship between contemporary painting and the old? To what extent has the Western style of globalization influenced Afghan painting? What is the purpose of explaining   contemporary art trends in Afghan paintings? The results of the study showed that contemporary painting, with the support of old components and the modern and new approach of artists, has a completely different identity from its artistic past and a kind of artistic surrealism that was initially associated with the romantic view in most contemporary works. Can be seen. Painting in the early twentieth century seems to be very much in line with the literature of that period, which needs further study. Literature known in the Indian style, especially in poetry. Although the influence of Western style on painting was much later than in other arts, and after its introduction to the field, it was introduced over the years, but from the mid-eighties onwards, the basic principles of ancient painting among artists to some extent Found. Traditional beliefs and indigenous approaches are one of the main features of contemporary painting.