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Seerat-un-nabvi (Biography of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) collectively faced different eras. In every era there came number of contributors who spend their whole life in this regard. In 1st Hijra the only thing which remained in focus is seerat-un-nabvi. Tabeen (Muslims who saw and met companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)like Urwa Bin Zubair and Imam Zuhri continued to collect ahadith (Sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) related to seerat-un-nabvi then came Ibn Ishaq which remarkably contributed in field of seerat-un-nabvi and magaahzi (Events of the battles fought by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him).

Seerat (Biography of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him written by someone) of Ibn Ishaq and Waqdi stepwise gave birth to new ideas and new topics came into focus. In these new topics the most wonderful contribution is to highlight the evidence of Prophethood,and Hafiz-Al-Mashriqi Abu Bakar- Al- Bahiqi is the pioneer this regard,who wrote the Dalail-Al-Naboowa-Wa-Maharif Ahwal-Al-Shareeyah. This book not only consist of evidence of prophet hood but it also covers all the topics about maghazi and seerah. In fifth and sixth Hijra there came a group of people with Imam Bahiqi ,which took different dimensions of the ahadith as their topic,like Abu Naeem Asphaani,Imam Baghawi and Ibn Jozi. Likewise there came number of books from ulamas in Andalusia(Spain).In these books the seerat was written in the light of history or a part of history was made a topic e.g Jawam-E-Seerah of Ibn Hazam and Al -Durar of Ibn Abdul Bar and Al-Shifa of Qazi Aayaz.