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Arts , Humanities & Social Science

ISSN 2693-2547 (Print) , ISSN 2693-2555 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijahss
Call For Papers Vol. 05 Issue No. 01 Submission Deadline: December 31, 2023
Aims & Scope

International Journal of Arts, Humanities & Social Science (IJAHSS) is an open access journal under Institute for Promoting Research & Policy Development (IPRPD). It follows the double blinded peer review process to provide the best possible outcomes regarding the benchmark of the journal and encourages research on current & updated trends of different aspects of Arts, Humanities & Social Science.  It chooses & publishes only those papers that contain pure knowledge on these subject areas. The Journal is started with noble effort to help the researchers in their work and also to share knowledge and research ideas. All research interested scholars are given best opportunity to make world aware of their work. We aim to cover the latest outstanding Research & Development in the field of Human life, History, Culture, Society as well as Arts& Crafts.  All the published papers are submitted to the major indexing services for indexing.

IJAHSS serves the world's research and scholarly communities, and aims to be one of the largest publishers for professional and scholarly societies. The journal publishes leading and robust research papers on traditional as well as modern Arts, Humanities & Social Science aspects.  We aim to maintain the highest standards of peer review with some internationally-recognized editors.

 IJAHSS publishes research papers in the fields of humanities and social science such as anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance, criminology, cross cultural studies, demography, development studies, economics, education, ethics, geography, history, industrial relations, information science, international relations, law, linguistics, library science, media studies, methodology, philosophy, political science, population Studies, psychology, public administration, sociology, social welfare, linguistics, literature, paralegal, performing arts (music, theatre & dance), religious studies, visual arts, women studies and so on.

Publishing exceptional Papers based on exceptional contents is the foremost effort of IJAHSS.  We are committed to certifying that our journals are dispersed worldwide, so that scholars are able to access our content wherever and whenever they need it. We have started working closely with the international library community to make our journals collections a genuine option for all the institutions. The journal is published in both print and online versions. To visit our organization site, please visit: IPRPD

Best Papers in IJAHSS in 2022
  • T.S. Eliot’s Translation of Religious Mysticism to Literature: Richard of Saint Victor and Saint John of the Cross

    Rosanna Rion
  • The Impact Of College Students’ Perceptions Of Campus Customer Service Quality Levels On Student Motivation And Persistence

    Venetia Ann Miller, Felix A. Okojie
  • Factors Related To Good Mental Health During Study Of Students Rajabhat University Group During The Learning, New Normal Era, Thailand

    Boonleang Thumthong
  • Listening To Refugee And Vulnerable Migrant Women Of Somali Origin About The Bodily And Psychosocial Consequences Of Female Genital Mutilation In Germany

    Prof. Dr. med. Meryam Schouler-Ocak, Dr Carlos Moreno-Leguizamon, Dr. rer. nat. James Kenneth Moran, Khulud Sharif-Ali, Jasmine Gole
  • Viaje Al Imaginario Musical Del Compositor Edgar Martinez Lozano. La Creatividad Aplicada Al Discurso Sonoro

    Edgar Martinez Lozano, Vicente Barrientos Yepez
  • Applied Reflexivity for Knowledge, Innovation and Resilience- Experimental Research Findings

    Professor Emmanuelle de Verlaine
  • A Tutorial on Collecting and Processing Longitudinal Social Media Data

    Grace M. Leffler, Xin Tong