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Vol.05 Issue No.05; May 2024
Table of Contents
Place and Person at Pre-Hispanic Teotihuacan, Mexico

Susan D. Gillespie

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“God of One Blood”: Deeds of Manumission in The Counties of Accomack, Northampton, Norfolk, and Elizabeth City, Virginia (1785-1824)

Gloria Ann Whittico

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The Effect of Human Capital, Economic Anxiety, And Political Ideologies on Immigrant Health Perceptions: a Between-Subjects Experimental Approach

Florent Nkouaga

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Decision in the Chartreuse: Stendhal on Stage

Peter Cortland

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Conceptual and Total Vocabulary in Spanish-English Bilinguals from 23 to 35 Months: Assessing Vocabulary Among Young, Migrant Emergent Bilingual Children

Rica Ramirez

DOI: 10.56734/ijahss.v5n5a5 URL:

Post-Pandemic Support for Special Populations in Higher Education through Generative Artificial Intelligence

Whitney Lawrence, Patrese Nesbitt, Phillip H. Clay Jr.

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Social Work Perspective on Community Organizing Around Student Health Insurance at a Midwestern University in The United States: A Case Study

Isaac R. Aklamanu

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Officer Perceptions of Mandatory Annual Physical Fitness Standards

Officer Conor J. Strack, Dr. David Bugg

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Sensitivity to Spanish Phonotactic Constraints among English Monolinguals

Miguel A. Moreno, Sofia Mings

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From Unfamiliarity to Mastery -- A Deep Dive into Preparing “From Forgotten Melodies, Sonata Reminisce in A Minor Op. 38 No. 1” For Performance

Yaqi Huang

DOI: 10.56734/ijahss.v5n5a10 URL:

Comparative Analysis of Folk Song Styles in The Huizhou Region

Tingyu Yan, Hong Yu, Jiajun Tang

DOI: 10.56734/ijahss.v5n5a11 URL: