International Journal of

Arts , Humanities & Social Science

ISSN 2693-2547 (Print) , ISSN 2693-2555 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijahss


Vol.01 Issue No.03; August 2020
Table of Contents
From “period eye” to “schemes of perception”: Bourdieu’s implicit theory of perception

Camille Chamois

Keywords: Pierre Bourdieu, Michael Baxandall, Schemes of Perception, Skilled vision, History of art. Pages: 01 - 09

Shaping the father figure in post-war society through children’s literature in translation

Salvatore Maria Ciancitto

Keywords: Peter Pan, children’s literature, translation, ideology. Pages: 10 - 21

Germaine de Staël's Representation of Germany: A Source of French Spiritualism (1800-1815)

Laurent Fedi

Keywords: Romanticism, Cultural Transfer, German Idealism, French Spiritualism, Germaine de Staël, Victor Cousin, Charles de Villers, Maine de Biran Pages: 22 - 34

Considering the effect of Diary Writing on Improving Writing Skill: a Self-reflection Tool

Farnaz Sahebkheir

Keywords: Academic writing; Diary writing; EFL; Self-reflection; Written error correction Pages: 35 - 39

On the Legal Issues of Female Employment Discrimination in China -- From the Perspective of Gender

Huiji Xu

Keywords: Women's equal employment right, Gender discrimination in employment, Anti-Employment gender discrimination law, Inversion of burden of proof Pages: 40 - 46

The Islamic-Iranian Culture and the Modern Human Rights’ Paradigm: Passivity or Attraction?

Hamid Reza Nouri , Sogand Noroozizadeh

Keywords: Culture, human rights, modernity, passivity Pages: 47 - 59

Cheating in Property: A Comparative review of the sections of Pakistan penal code with Islamic Jurisprudence

Hafiz Shah Bakht Rawan , Dr. Hafiz Salihuddin

Key words: Cheating, Property, Pakistan Penal Code, Islamic Fiqha Pages: 60 - 70

Indigenous Elder William Commanda, Cognitive Cartography and Cybercartography

Romola V. Thumbadoo , D. R. Fraser Taylor

Key Words: Indigenous Cartography, Cybercartography, Cybernetics, Mamiwinini (Nomad) Ginawaydaganuc Pages: 71 - 90

The Women of IS and Alienation

Katherine Pratt, Professor Ruchi Anand

Keywords: Simone de Beauvoir, defectiveness, masculine identity, frivolous Pages: 91 - 96

Teaching Methodologies and Learning Methods

Thomson Wazome

Keywords: Evolution, Teaching methods, Learning disabilities, Teachers, Learners, Classroom, Misbehavior Pages: 97 - 108

From Cultural Differences in Africa to Cultural Divides: The Search for an African Ethics of Managing Cultural Diversity

Kizitor MBUWIR

Keywords: Eco-bio-communitarian ethics, Heterogeneous states, Deconstruction or Partitioning Pages: 109 - 121

The Lake Chad Region and Its Identities: Geographical and Colonial Analysis

Tobi Achudume

Keywords: Colonialism, Geography, Africa, Lake Chad region, Conflict, Security Pages: 122 - 130

The rise and downs of contemporary Afghan painting over the last hundred years

Hamideh Ansari, Dr. Hassan Ali Pourmand, Dr. Ali Asghar Fahimifar

Keywords: Painting, Contemporary Afghan Painting, Western Method. Pages: 131 - 145

Examining perspectives for education regarding international concerns in science and society

Faouzia KALALI

Keywords: French students, science and society, science education, scientific literacy, Rose questionnaire Pages: 146 - 166

Hannah for Heidegger, Natural rights analysis of love context


Keywords: Hannah Arendt, natural rights, Love, family, women, philosophy Pages: 167 - 180

Chameleon: Shifting the Spectrum from Anansi and Rabbit to Lizard

Warrick Lattibeaudiere

Keywords: Chameleon, Anansi, Rabbit, Camouflage, Metaphor, Survive. Pages: 181 - 198

Identity stereotypes (on Islam and Muslims) in French media discourse: Between reality and illusion

Abdelhamid Skikri

Keywords: Stereotypes, Greimas and Courtès, Cognitive psychology, Semiotic theory Pages: 199 - 205